05.12.2019 - NEW DEAL!


Kicking off this blog with BIG NEWS: we just signed our first publisher deal! We’re pretty excited about starting this cooperation with Schedler Music, the leading publisher in Austria and Switzerland, also active in Germany and Italy. Looking forward to what’s coming! We’re so thankful for this opportunity! Stay tuned!

"Late October I was feeling down because I was getting no reply from so many people I met at Reeperbahn festival and once again started questioning my choices and what we as a band were doing musically. It's weird, I know we have a great product and the whole team is putting everything in it, yet still, I was doubting. Literally 5 minutes later I get an email from a charming german publisher, saying they really like the album and would be interested in working with us. I was over the moon and suddenly all clouds where gone! It get's better :) 4 days later I was attending a publisher-union event and met a very friendly man from Tirol. He works for an even bigger publisher and wanted to know more about the album and the band. Within 2 weeks he came to one of our shows and signed us. This is a big step for us.

I will try to remind myself, not to focus on people's reactions to what I do, but to concentrate on the belief that I have in our songs and our team/family. This show is just starting" - sz


Wir starten diesen Blog mit grossartigen Neuigkeiten: Wir haben soeben unseren ersten Verlagsvertrag unterschrieben! Über die Zusammenarbeit mit Schedler Music sind wir total aus dem Häuschen. Schedler Music ist der führende Verleger in Österreich und der Schweiz und ist ausserdem in Deutschland und Italien sehr aktiv. Wir sind gespannt, wie sich alles entwickeln wird und sind für diese Möglichkeit sehr dankbar.

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